What is affinitas

Affinitas is an alliance based in Latin America, composed of independent law firms and leaders in each of the countries where they operate. Since its inception in 2004, Affinitas has been considered the most prominent network in the region because of the relevance of its member firms, all of which belong to the main economies that make up the Pacific Alliance.

The central and consolidated position of each firm in its own country gives advantages to local and international clients seeking to develop its business in the region. The excellent advice offered to Affinitas clients takes into account the regulatory framework, the social and institutional context of each country, and benefits from the extensive experience in all sectors of the economy, which is essential for business success. We are the only «Regional Team» made up of leading law firms in the four most relevant countries in Latin America.

Since the formation of the Team in 2004, the 4 firms have developed a special ability to work together and provide an integrated service to its clients.

This is only possible thanks to the level of trust and mutual learning achieved in more than a decade of relationship, in addition to the fact that the four firms were founded with a similar vision and work ethic.

Steering Committee

Executive Committee


Juan Luis Avendaño

Chair Affinitas

E: jlavendano@affinitaslegal.com
T: +51 1 610 4730

Natalia Chu

Coordinator Affinitas

E: nchu@affinitaslegal.com
T: +51 1 610 4738