Projects | May 4, 2022

Creation of specialized health services of the Specialized Hospital of Chimbote in the Ancash Health Care Network of ESSALUD, district of Nuevo Chimbote, province of Santa, department of Ancash


  • Country: Peru
  • Industry: Social Infrastructure and Real State
  • Location: Chimbote, Ancash
  • Investment: 109 million
  • Call Date: 4Q 2022
  • Term: 20 years (Construction: 3 / Operation and maintenance: 17)
  • Bidding: Public-Private
  • Status: To be convened


Co-financed Public initiative. The project consists in the design, financing, construction, equipment, operation and maintenance of a specialized hospital; and of a polyclinic of increasing complexity. Additionally, a temporary hospital will be built to guarantee the continuity of the provision of services during the construction of the definitive infrastructures.

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