From Chile to Mexico… and back

New experiences and international perspectives in Affinita’s secondment program.

Last month Jorge Covarrubias returned to Chile after a 6-month period in Mexico, concluding a successful secondment facilitated by Affinitas, where he switched his Chilean law firm Barros & Errázuriz for Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, Affinitas’ member firm in Mexico.


“My time at Mijares gave me a unique opportunity to work on high-level M&A and Competition filings, as well as on arbitration proceedings, and matters in the Energy and Sports & Entertainment sectors.”

Jorge Covarrubias Serrano, Associate – Barros & Errázuriz



Coming all the way to Mexico was a big step for Jorge, both personally and professionally, really taking him out of his comfort zone. But according to Jorge, the whole experience was amazing and really felt like a well-coordinated effort:

“From day one, I felt very much welcome at the firm. Mexican hospitality is legendary, and I can now really vouch for it! Partners personally welcomed me the day of my arrival, I was assigned a personal tutor and offered an induction program, all practical matters were handled super professionally, and soon I was invited to watching soccer games with my fellow lawyers at the Firm. My integration was really straightforward, I really didn’t get a chance to get homesick!”



Affinitas’ international secondment program, which was founded in 2004 and formalized 10 years later, offers young lawyers a unique opportunity to spend a number of months working in one of the other member firms, gaining both personal and professional experiences of a lifetime in the process. Selected lawyers have 5-6 years of professional experience, demonstrate outstanding professionalism, and an advanced level of English.

“The whole idea of Affinitas, which has seemed a bit abstract until I left Chile, quickly becomes a very real thing. The connectivity of the member Firms is there, and various practical solutions such as the phone extensions, really allowed to integrate quickly and collaborate effortlessly across borders”.

Jorge got deeply involved from the very beginning, working with partners such as Francisco Fuentes, Horacio de Uriarte, Eugenio Macouzet and Pilar Mata, amongst others. He was invited to client meetings, and actively took part in internal team meetings, professional training opportunities and social activities.

The experience broadens the horizon of the participating lawyers, and of course strengthens the ties between the Affinitas firms.

The program greatly contributes to Affinitas strategic objective of offering lawyers in the member firms a unique international environment, interesting career paths and is conducive of the very special Affinitas culture cherished by everybody involved.

Today, Jorge looks back with great satisfaction on his secondment in Mexico: “the experience is 100% recommended, offering great opportunities for personal and professional growth. I returned in October 2019 to Chile with a unique international perspective, and most importantly, with great friends in Mexico with whom I am still in contact”.

For more information on Affinitas’ Secondment Program, please contact Ms. Milagros García