FinTech: A guide to financial technology regulations in the Pacific Alliance

Affinitas is pleased to share it “FinTech Guide”, which summarizes the new regulatory schemes on financial technology matters in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Each chapter provides information about the current topics and regulations in each particular country of the Pacific Alliance, such as cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding and regulatory sandboxes.


Last updated on January 6th, 2022.

Press Release: Affinitas will join the Fifth Edition of the MootComp LATAM as international sponsor

  • MootComp is a contest that promotes interdisciplinary skills of future professionals in Law and Economics.
  • Any student from Latin America can join the contest.
  • The inscriptions are open until August 9.

 The Affinitas Alliance will join the MootComp, Economic Competition Contest for Students of Law and Economics, as international sponsor, an event that aims to be an open forum for the debate of competition-related issues that, through practical cases and interdisciplinary work, promotes knowledge on the matters and generates work opportunities for its contestants.

The Contest, led by Carlos Orcí Berea, will also have the support from the member firms of Affinitas as national sponsors: Barros & Errázuriz (Chile), Gómez-Pinzón (Colombia), Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes (Mexico) y Miranda & Amado (Peru). The Competition Policy International (CPI), the local competition authorities, and different universities from Latin America will participate as sponsors as well.

The Fifth Edition of the MootComp will be carried out in virtual format, and the case to be resolved will focus on mergers in digital markets, a currently highly controversial sector, particularly related to the health and insurance markets. The winners of the MootComp will receive different awards to support them in continuing their studies and initiating their professional career, including post-graduate academic scholarships, books and subscriptions to publications specialized in economic competition, and job offers in the best institutions of Latin America, among others.

Each year the MootComp has had a growth of more than 100%. In the previous edition the Contest had 480 contestants, 98 coaches, 118 teams, 25 universities, 3 countries (Mexico, Peru, and Argentina), and 130 judges, and this year it is expected that more than double of contestants from different countries join the event.

To read more details about the rules of the Contest please click here.