My Secondment in Peru: "An enriching experience in various aspects"

Virginia González, from Barros & Errázuriz (Chile), was selected to participate in our Secondment program at Miranda & Amado (Peru). Beyond the professional aspects, this journey allowed her to establish friendly connections and acquire unforgettable insights into her legal career.

What motivated you to participate in our Secondment program?

Primarily, the significant life experience of working in another country. On one hand, there was the challenge in the professional realm of taking on new responsibilities and tasks in a different country, and on the other hand, stepping out of my comfort zone to get to know a new law firm, a new group of people, to learn from them, and contribute my knowledge.

In which area of Miranda & Amado did you work?

I worked in the Regulatory area, specifically with the Competition Law team. Our work primarily focused on advising clients on transactions that needed to be notified to Indecopi, the competition authority in Peru. I was involved in various projects, working with groups of economists, and advising clients on structuring potential operations.

What do you highlight from your experience in the program?

What stands out the most is stepping out of my comfort zone and arriving in a country where I didn’t know the people or the legal system. So, there was this challenge of adapting to a new place and getting to know a new group of people, integrating, and forming friendships.

How was your cultural adaptation process?

The experience of living and working in a foreign country was enriching in many ways. Regarding the cultural aspect, I was fortunate to travel to various places in Peru where the richness is immense. I also learned about its cultural history, which, in several cases, has connections with that of Chile. Socially, I had the opportunity to meet many friends from the firm, both from my area and others.

Do you have any memorable anecdotes?

I would like to highlight the Halloween party at Miranda & Amado. I think it was lovely to see everyone motivated to dress up and compete. Also, I saw the decorations in the common areas and each workspace in the office. There was a lot of enthusiasm from the lawyers, but also from the children who came to the office. We even had a moment to give them candies.

In one word, how would you describe this experience?

Honestly, it’s challenging to summarize because it’s an experience filled with emotion and feelings. But mainly, I believe the word is “Reciprocity.” On one hand, you arrive in a new country and have much to offer, not only in legal matters but also on a human level because many people are eager to get to know you and understand your perspective on various topics. On the other hand, you also gain insights into the professional realm, a different working style, and beautiful experiences with many people. This also demonstrates how similar our firms are in Affinitas as if we were sibling firms.

About Secondment

The Affinitas Secondment program, founded in 2004, provides our young lawyers with a unique experience both personally and professionally by working in one of our member firms abroad. We offer comprehensive support in administrative matters, accommodation, and insurance to ensure an enriching experience.


Gómez-Pinzón announces the appointment of new partners

  • With María Isabel Romero and Alejandro Sanabria as partners in the Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions and Tax practices, respectively, Gómez-Pinzón solidifies its team with a total of 22 partners.

Gómez-Pinzón has appointed two new partners to consolidate its position as a benchmark in Colombia. María Isabel Romero and Alejandro Sanabria, members of the Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions and Tax areas, respectvely, raise the total number of partners to 22.

“In GP, the promotion of our new partners is a source of pride. María Isabel and Alejandro are individuals with outstanding personal and professional qualities and they will certainly play a significant role as part of the firm’s management team. 2024 is a year of many challenges, and together, we will serve our clients even better,” stated Mauricio Piñeros, Managing Partner of Gómez-Pinzón.

With over 18 years of experience in corporate law, María Isabel Romero has played a prominent role in both law firms and the public and private sectors. After a notable career as a Judge of the Republic in corporate matters, she has shifted her focus to corporate litigation and gained experience in crisis management and insolvency procedures.

She has had a fundamental role in the contractual and corporate matters arising from the firm’s mergers and acquisitions operations and capital market transactions. Romero also leads the team advising prominent companies such as Primax Colombia, COFCO International, Efectivo and Servientrega, among others.

“I enthusiastically embrace the challenge of being a partner in GP, where we will lead projects to consolidate Gómez-Pinzón’s position in the Colombian legal and corporate market. To strengthen a robust business environment, highlighting the excellence that characterizes the firm, is one of my main goals for this year” expressed Romero.

Alejandro Sanabria, with over 15 years of experience, he focuses his practice on international taxation and corporate finance advisory from a tax perspective. He is an expert in the structuring of financial instruments (equity, debt, derivatives and hybrids), investment funds and international tax advice in M&A projects, real estate, private equity and project finance.

Additionally, Alejandro has been a professor of tax law at prestigious  universities such as the Pontifical Javeriana University, the University of the Andes in Colombia and Universidad del Rosario. Regarding his experience in tax advisory, he has participated in significant events, such as the formation of the recent alliance between Isagen and Atlas Renewable Energy, the first and only of its kind in Colombia. He has also played a prominent role in the acquisition and sale of Macquarie Capital Limited’s stake in the concession agreement for the Briceño-Tunja-Sogamoso road project.

He has also carried out tax planning of energy investment projects for various companies, including Isagen S.A., Termocandelaria, Termobarranquilla, Promigas, Termomechero, Prime Termoflores, and Greenyellow. His contribution is also evident in the incorporation of Partners Telecom (WOM) in Colombia.

“Colombia is facing times of significant economic challenges that imply great opportunities to contribute and positively impact the country. In this context, being a partner at GP means being an ally to our clients in planning and implementing fiscally responsible initiatives that mitigate the effects of a changing regulatory framework, and optimize the productivity and growth of the national economy.” highlighted Sanabria.

With this appointment, Gómez-Pinzón reaffirms its commitment to excellence in the Colombian legal and business landscape and strengthens its team with highly qualified professionals to face challenges and seize opportunities presented by the country’s dynamic environment.

About Gómez-Pinzón

For more than three decades, Gómez-Pinzón has been providing advice in 19 specialized areas of business law. Its path adds to a remarkable ability to adapt to changing challenges, consistently serving as a constant reference in the legal innovation of the country. Gómez-Pinzón goes beyond legal counsel; its commitment is directed towards shaping legal solutions for its clients with a modern and proactive vision.

Miranda & Amado promotes Luis Santa Cruz to partner

  • Luis Santa Cruz was promoted from the Labor practice area, in order to consolidate the full-service value proposition offered to the Firm’s clients. His appointment will become effective as of January 1, 2024.

In line with the Firm’s commitment to nurture young talent, Miranda & Amado appointed Luis Santa Cruz as partner, in order to consolidate the full-service value proposition offered to the Firm’s clients. His appointment will become effective as of January 1, 2024.

We are happy for Lucho, who has proved to be an excellent professional, and we are sure that, from his new role as partner, he will continue to consolidate his leadership within Miranda & Amado and in the daily work with our clients. This decision affirms our commitment to continue nurturing young talent as part of our culture and strategic objectives,” said Luis Miranda and Mauricio Raffo, managing partners.

Luis Santa Cruz’ professional practice focuses on legal advisory in individual and collective labor relations, collective bargaining, direct and indirect hiring, disciplinary procedures, occupational health and safety at work, labor tax; as well as in labor inspections and administrative procedures. He joined the firm as an associate in 2013 and was named counsel in 2019. Luis is a Lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú with a Master in Employment Law from Centro de Estudios Garrigues (Madrid, Spain).

Hence, Miranda & Amado confirms its commitment to offer comprehensive advice of the highest quality to its clients, reinforced by the knowledge, professionalism and experience brought about by the new partners. The Firm also upholds its pledge to practice law from a committed, modern, ethical, demanding and humane perspective covering all areas of law at the service of its clients.