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200 kV Belaunde Terry-Tarapote Norte, 500 kV San José-Yarabamba, / 220 kV Piura Nueva–Colán, ITC SE Lambayeque Norte 220 kV, LT 220 kV Chiclayo Oeste–La Niña/ Felam, / Subestación Piura Este 100 MVA 220/60/23 kV Transmission LinesEnergy - Electricity 127.58 millionPeru
200 kV Reque-Nueva Carhuaquero Transmission Line and associated extensions and the Nueva Tumbes Substation - 200/60 kV - 75 MVA and Nueva Tumbes - Tumbes 60 kV Transmission LineEnergy - Electricity 37.70 millionPeru
220 kV Ica - Poroma Transmission Line and 220 kV Cáclic - Jaén Norte Transmission LineEnergy - Electricity 129.78 millionPeru
500 kV Piura Nueva - Frontera Substation Transmission LineEnergy - Electricity 216.98 millionPeru
500kV Huánuco-Tocache-Celendín-Trujillo and Celendín-Piura linesEnergy - Electricity 611.44 millionPeru
Ancón Industrial ParkSocial Infrastructure and Real State 762 millionPeru
AWS-3 and 2.3 GHz Radio Spectrum BandsTechnology & Telecommunications 289 millionPeru
Construction of new educational infrastructure for schools at risk in Metropolitan LimaSocial Infrastructure and Real State 227 millionPeru
Construction, implementation, maintenance and operation of complementary services of public educational centers in Villa Maria del Triunfo (Lima)Social Infrastructure and Real State 69 millionPeru
Contribution of infrastructure and complementary services to educational management for new High Performance Schools (COAR) in the regions of Junin, Pasco, Huancavelica, Cusco and AyacuchoSocial Infrastructure and Real State 58 millionPeru
Creation of specialized health services of the Specialized Hospital of Chimbote in the Ancash Health Care Network of ESSALUD, district of Nuevo Chimbote, province of Santa, department of AncashSocial Infrastructure and Real State 109 millionPeru
Creation of the specialized health services of the Specialized Hospital in the Piura Healthcare Network of ESSALUD, district of Veintiséis de Octubre, province and department of PiuraSocial Infrastructure and Real State 144 millionPeru

*Information based on Proinversión projects. Does not include projects of other entities.