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September 11, 2023

Affinitas organized a webinar on the transformation of working hours in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru

On September 7, 2023, our Labor experts, María Fernanda Espinosa (Barros & Errázuriz Abogados), Mauricio Montealegre (Gómez-Pinzón), Mario Ballesteros (Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes), and Eric Castro (Miranda & Amado), participated in the webinar ‘Labor Evolution: The Transformation of Working Hours in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru,’ where they analyzed the current regulations in their respective countries.

During the webinar, the panelists addressed issues related to the maximum duration of the workday in the Pacific Alliance countries, which varies from 40 to 48 hours per week.

Furthermore, they highlighted that the reduction of the workday is a trend in Latin America aimed at creating better working environments, with the expectation that, with greater flexibility and personal time, workers will increase their efficiency and productivity.

Finally, they pointed out that the evolution of labor landscapes is partly due to the advancement of digitization during the pandemic, which accelerated the debate on reducing working hours in the region, posing challenges for both employees and employers.

If you wish to watch the video again, you can access it here: