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December 9, 2021

IBA Regional Forum: Deals, disruptions and growth areas in the Americas Conference

Affinitas participated as headline social event sponsor of “Deals, Disruptions and Growth Areas in the Americas” conference, organized by the International Bar Association.

This was the first joint conference on legal developments in the Americas in nearly a decade and included hundreds of top lawyers from around the world, with excellent opportunities for professional development and networking throughout.

Corporate and M&A partners Bernardo Simian, Pablo Guerrero, Vicente Cordero, Lina Uribe, Patricia Arrázola, Lorenza Langarica, Martín Sánchez, Eugenio Macouzet, and Roberto Mac Lean, as well as Affinitas Chair Juan Luis Avendaño, attended the event, which was held in Miami (USA) from December 6 – 8.

IBA conferences have become the premiere opportunity for legal professionals, enabling them to discuss key legislative changes in a number of jurisdictions both officially and unofficially, which is crucial to successfully practice in the current economic and social climate.

“Deals, Disputes and Growth Areas in the Americas” featured trendy topics such as increased client needs in respect of environment; greater demand for guidance around climate change; new challenges connected to cryptocurrency and fintech; and the spike in bankruptcy cases in the continent.